Committee on Design

AASHTO Liaison
Patricia Bush, Program Manager for Engineering

Joint Technical Committee on Roadway Lighting

Membership List

Objective and Scope

The AASHTO Standing Committee on Highways has assigned joint responsibility to the Highway Subcommittees on Traffic Engineering and Design for the AASHTO Roadway Lighting Guide.

Publication Responsibility

The technical committee is responsible for developing and updating the following documents:

This publication can be purchased from AASHTO’s Bookstore.

Recent Activities

This technical committee is currently in the process of examining the Roadway Lighting Design Guide for both technical and editoral updates.


This committee is comprised of 8 regional representatives: 4 appointed from the Design Subcommittee and 4 appointed by the Traffic Engineering Subcommittee. Please refer to the regional chart below this list.

JTCRL Membership

Committee Name:
COD-Joint Technical Committee on Roadway Lighting (COD and SCOTE)
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Voting Member Committee Affiliation

Traffic Engineering Mark Luszcz (DE) – Chair
Design Ahmet Demirbilek (WI) – Vice Chair
Region 1
Design Norm Schips (NY)
Traffic Engineering Daryl St. Clair (PA)
Region 2
Design Paul Chan (NC)
 Traffic Engineering Ed Cashman (FL)
Region 3
Design Prakesh Patel (IN)
 Traffic Engineering Susan Zarling (MN)
Region 4
Design Norris Leone (SD)
 Traffic Engineering Larry Montoya (UT)