Committee on Design

AASHTO Liaison
Patricia Bush, Program Manager for Engineering

Joint Technical Committee on Electronic Engineering Standards

Scope Outcome

The committee will identify the data needs, information requirements, and industry standards to assist the transportation industry effort to transition from traditional 2D plans to 3D information models.  The intent of thes models is to provide dna capture data associated with infrastructure improvement projects.  The data that is captured can be utilized for planning, design, and decision making throughout the life cycle of the asset.

Mission Outcome

This committee would lead the effort to identify the data needs necessary to facilitate the exchange of information between the transportation agencies and their industry partners. Given the industry has not adopted a standard file format, and agencies use more than one vendor for CADD software the goal should be to outline the information needs for both the agency and the industry partners as opposed to establishing a standard file format.

Vision Outcome

The committee will assist in the identification of requirements and data needs State DOT’s and Industry partners (Consultants, Contractors, Software Vendors, etc), with the focus allowing for a seamless transfer of data across the Transportation Industry.


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COD-Technical Committee on Electronic Engineering Standards
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Voting Member Committee Affiliation

Design Mike Kennerly (IA) – Chair
Design  Jennifer Lloyd (TN) – Vice Chair
Region 1
Design Bill Pratt (CT)
Bridges & Structures Kristin Higgins (VT)
Construction Shawn Smith (ME)
Maintenance vacant
Region 2
Design Tim Lattner (FL)
Bridges & Structures Brian Hanks (NC)
Construction John Hancock (GA)
Maintenance J.L. Milton (VA)
Region 3
Design Mike Kennerly (IA)
Bridges & Structures Ahmad Abu-Hawash (IA)
Construction vacant
Maintenance vacant
Region 4
Design Steve Boschen (AZ)
Bridges & Structures Cheryl Hersh Simmons (UT)
Construction Lorraine Legg (NE)
Maintenance vacant