​Technical Committee on Value Engineering


Value Engineering Leadership:

Chair: Troy Tusup, California troy.tusup@dot.ca.gov
Vice Chair: Mike Flowers, Tennessee mike.flowers@tn.gov
Secretary: Ray Petrucci, Delaware raymond.petrucci@state.de.us
Liaison to AASHTO: Terry Berends, Washington State berendt@wsdot.wa.gov

 Group Shot of VE Members at 2013 Conference

Bottom left to right: Nancy Yoo, Llans Taylor, Ray Petrucci, Ted Mason, Kurt Lieblong, Steve Holmes, Troy Tusup.
Top left to right: Terry Berends, Mike Flowers, Ray Sacks, Paul Schneider, Wayne Johnson.
Not shown: Jesse Jones, Michael Mariotti, Peter Healey, James Dietzel.


Membership List 

Objective and Scope
The objective of this technical committee is to establish and maintain policy to assist states in the development of individual Value Engineering Programs, ensure integrity and uniformity of value engineering practices, and promote value engineering within all areas of state and federal transportation programs.Also, to plan and deliver a biennial transportation value engineering conference.



Publication Responsibility
The technical committee is responsible for developing and updating the following documents:  

This publication can be purchased from AASHTO's Bookstore 

Outstanding VE Accomplishments
Continued Learning 
The National Highway Institute (NHI) offers an excellent on-line course for those interesting in learning about VE.  This web-based training is intended to provide an overview of the Value Engineering process, know as the Value Engineering study. Included in the training is a discussion of the benefits of utilizing VE, the keys to completing a successful VE study, and an overview of the objectives and tasks completed by the VE team at each phase. The importance of executive support is also highlighted.
For more information on this NHI Training course, click here.

Reference Material
VE Toolbox
VE Reports
Other Links


Committee Name: SCOD-Technical Committee on Value Engineering
NameEmail AddressAgency NameDesignationMember Type
Tusup, Troy Troy.Tusup@dot.ca.gov California Department of Transportation Chair Voting
Flowers, Mike mike.flowers@tn.gov Tennessee Department of Transportation Vice Chair Voting
Leuderalbert, Ken ken.leuderalbert@dot.gov Federal Highway Administration Secretary Non-Voting
Petrucci, Raymond raymond.petrucci@state.de.us Delaware Department of Transportation Secretary-Treasurer Voting
Bush, Patricia pbush@aashto.org American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Liaison None
Lieblong, Kurt kurt.lieblong@dot.state.fl.us Florida Department of Transportation Member Voting
Sanders, Matthew J msanders@dot.ga.gov Georgia Department of Transportation Member Voting
Mason, Ted E ted.mason@itd.idaho.gov Idaho Transportation Department Member Voting
Bass, Stephen A sbass@ksdot.org Kansas Department of Transportation Member Voting
Patel, Hasmukh (Hardy) M hasmukh.patel@state.ma.us Massachusetts Department of Transportation Member Voting
Yoo, Nancy Y nancy.yoo@state.mn.us Minnesota Department of Transportation Member Voting
Taylor, Llans E llans.taylor@modot.mo.gov Missouri Department of Transportation Member Voting
Sacks, Ray Lee rsacks@mt.gov Montana Department of Transportation Member Voting
Schneider, Paul F Paul.Schneider@dot.state.nj.us New Jersey Department of Transportation Member Voting
Healey, Peter A. peter.healey@dot.ri.gov Rhode Island Department of Transportation Member Voting
Anthony, Mark Harrison anthonymh@scdot.org South Carolina Department of Transportation Member Voting
Berends, Terry L berendt@wsdot.wa.gov Washington State Department of Transportation Member Voting
Tyler, Dan daniel.tyler@dot.wi.gov Wisconsin Department of Transportation Member Voting
Holmes, Stephen steve.holmes@ontario.ca Ontario Ministry Of Transportation Associate Member Non-Voting
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