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Objective and Scope
The objective of this technical committee is to provide a focal point and working group to review, develop, and recommend AASHTO positions on cost estimating for transportation projects.  This assignment includes formulating new and revised criteria to keep cost estimating standards, policies, and guidelines current.



Maintain and keep relevant AASHTO Practical Guide to Cost Estimating

  • Stay current with and share findings on state of the practice for cost estimating for transportation projects
    • Network with FHWA, national, and regional groups with respect to transportation cost estimating
    • Continue research efforts on cost estimating related topics
  • Provide means for collecting comments and questions on the guidance

Develop guidance and tools to help agencies develop cost estimators

Develop guidance on the appropriate use for transportation project cost estimates

  • Building the estimate to meet the intended purpose
  • Putting the estimate information to use (e.g. validating bids, setting budgets, using funding appropriately)


Publication Responsibility
The technical committee is responsible for developing and updating the following documents:  

This publication can be purchased from AASHTO's Bookstore 


Committee Name: SCOD-Technical Committee on Cost Estimating
NameEmail AddressAgency NameDesignationMember Type
Smith, Angela M Maryland Department of Transportation Chair Non-Voting
Batula, Melissa J Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Vice Chair Voting
Okonkwo, Edwin Federal Highway Administration Secretary Non-Voting
Douglass, Melanie American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Liaison Non-Voting
Young, Jack California Department of Transportation Member Voting
Davis, Philip G Florida Department of Transportation Member Voting
Patterson, Bennett Troy Georgia Department of Transportation Member Voting
Gansen, Elijah D Iowa Department of Transportation Member Voting
Nickel, Charles F Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Member Voting
Macdougall, George M. A. Maine Department of Transportation Member Voting
Shulick, Mark A. Michigan Department of Transportation Member Voting
Svensson, Valerie Kay Reinaas Minnesota Department of Transportation Member Voting
Tribelhorn, Lesly Montana Department of Transportation Member Voting
Hisem, Jeffrey M Ohio Department of Transportation Member Voting
Riedl, John Oregon Department of Transportation Member Voting
Ellis, Alan J. Vermont Agency of Transportation Member Voting
Knouse, Theron I Virginia Department of Transportation Member Voting

Research information dealing with Cost Estimating

NCHRP Report 688 - Determining Highway Maintenance Costs

University of South Carolina - Cost Indexing and Unit Price Adjustments for Construction Materials

NCHRP 20-07(274) - Price Indexing for Transportation Construction Contracts

Olumide - Sliding Scale Contingencies for the Highway Construction Project Development Process

FHWA - Highway Construction Cost Increases and Competition Issues

FHWA - Major Projects, Cost Estimating

NCHRP project 20-7(152) titled "Project Cost Estimating A Synthesis of Highway Practice"

NCHRP Project 8-49 "Guidance for Cost Estimation and Management for Highway Projects during Planning, Programming, and Preconstruction"

NCHRP 08-60 project "Guidebook on Risk Analysis Tools and Management Practices to Control Transportation Project Cost"

NCHRP 8-36 Task 72: “Guidelines for Cost Estimation Improvements at State DOTs”

NCHRP Project 8-36 Task 72: “DOT Approaches to Implementing Cost Estimate Management Process Improvements”

Synthesis on Construction Unit Cost Development: Technical Report

Capacity Building Workshops for Cost Estimation and Cost Management

Transportation Estimators' Association (TEA)

Other Links/Resources

Montana Department of Transportation draft Risk Management Plan spreadsheet

​​​Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Cost Estimating Tools

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